Body Recomposition: Fat Loss and Muscle Gain


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Are you wondering if you should lose weight in the build up to a race or competition?

Do you feel like you have excess fat to lose?

Do you want to put on muscle, but don’t know how to eat the part?

In this course, Megan Markoff, Pallas’s Head of Nutrition, discusses the ideal time to pursue a fat loss phase, how to start a calorie deficit to achieve fat loss, how to monitor your progress, and how to end your fat loss phase so you don’t put your long-term health at risk. Dietitian Jen Scott continues this discussion by covering the health and performance consequences of under-eating for a prolonged period of time.

Megan also covers how you can eat and train to support and optimize any muscle gain goals that you may have. If you have body recomposition goals, then this class is the one for you!

DISCLAIMER: We HIGHLY recommend that you watch the Determining Your Unique Calorie and Macro Needs course before attending this course.

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