Nutrition strategies for backpackers and multi-day endurance hikers and runners

Intensity, duration, the demand of the terrain, pack weight, fitness level, altitude, and habitual food intake largely determine how much fuel for exercise is derived from carbohydrates, fat, and protein. All three are used as sources of energy at any given time, but intensity and duration of exercise are the primary factors that determine the […]

Kathy Maxwell: New Mom Turned Half Marathoner

We couldn’t be prouder of Kathy for finishing her very first half marathon in March 2022 after picking up running only nine months earlier. But what’s even more special is how Kathy’s relationships with training, food, and her body completely transformed during her journey with Pallas. We spoke with Kathy about her postpartum struggles, why she decided to start running, and how she’s evolved into the amazing runner and athlete she is now.

Carbohydrate Loading For Endurance Athletes

Carbohydrate Loading: What’s The 411? Carbohydrate loading involves consuming a higher quantity of dietary carbohydrates ~2-3 days out from an important race or competition, resulting in supercompensated glycogen stores. Endurance performance is enhanced by high carbohydrate availability and high glycogen stores. Depletion of glycogen stores is associated with fatigue, impaired performance, decreased work rate, increased perceived exertion, and […]

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