How To Stay Skeptical Online Part 1

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re perusing the internet for nutrition information. You come across an article written by a well-known individual in the nutrition space in which they cite several studies to support the use of a specific diet for fat loss. You nod your head in agreement as you clearly see they have the […]

How To Stay Skeptical Online Part 2

Before reading studies and research, we first need to understand the strength of the evidence hierarchy. This will empower us with the ability to determine a study’s strengths as well as its limitations.  As you move down the list below, the ability to draw causative conclusions from each source gets stronger. The weakest forms of […]

Fats 101

Function Like protein, fats are an essential macronutrient and must be included in our diets. Fats provide important structural components in our cells, are involved in cell signaling, and act as intracellular messengers. Without fats, we would be unable to digest, absorb, or transport nutrients around our bodies. For example, fats help our bodies absorb […]

Protein 101

Function Protein is essential for the regulation and maintenance of our bodies. It is involved in the growth and repair of tissues and cells in our bodies, fluid balance, immune, cell and enzyme function, and it helps form the structure of our cells. Many important hormones, ion channels, enzymes, transporters, neurotransmitters, immune system chemicals (such […]

Carbs 101

Function Carbohydrates are not an essential macronutrient, meaning that we don’t need to consume them to survive. Our bodies can make glucose even if we don’t consume dietary carbohydrates. However, just because we don’t need to consume carbohydrates to survive doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t eat any carbs at all.  Carbohydrates are the main source […]

Micronutrients 101

Micronutrients (micros) consist of both vitamins and minerals, and are required in small amounts in the body compared to macronutrients. Your micronutrient density in your diet, or the quality of food you consume, determines your health. Micros are extremely important for maintaining optimal health, and can also enhance athletic performance.  Imagine you are on a […]

Megan Markoff: CrossFitter Turned Triathlete

We hate to brag, but we’re pretty proud of Megan for qualifying in her age group for the 2022 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Not bad for her first triathlon. But more importantly, we’re psyched to see Megan return to competitive sports following a major health crisis in 2018 that ended her dream of qualifying for […]

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