Determining Your Unique Calorie and Macro Needs


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The foundation of your nutrition begins with determining your daily calorie needs.

There’s an abundance of macronutrient and calorie calculators out there on the internet. Some are great. Others are very much inaccurate. However, a calculator is not enough for 99% of people. There’s no framework or system behind it to help you figure out if that calculation actually works for you. Plus, calorie needs change over time. They’re not set in stone. So if you don’t know how or when to adjust your calories, you will not be successful with your goals.

In this course, Head of Pallas Nutrition Megan Markoff and Registered Dietitian Jen Scott will help you build a calorie and macronutrient plan for yourself that is simple, adjustable, and effective. You’ll also learn how to tell if you’re eating too much, just the right amount, or too little based on monitoring metrics (weight, measurements) and non-metrics (sleep quality, energy, mood, performance in workouts).

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