Nutrition Lite

$50.00 / month


This program is for more experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals who can plan their meals, track macronutrients and calories, and don’t need 1:1 nutrition coaching support, but often find themselves questioning if what they’re doing is right for them, their body, and their goals.

Nutrition Lite provides you with the resources and monthly oversight and guidance from a Pallas Nutrition Coach or Registered Dietitian so you can confidently move forward with your nutrition while achieving your health, performance, and body composition goals.

You will track your metrics as well as your calories and macros on your own, and then meet with a nutrition coach for 30 minutes over zoom each month to review your data, discuss your progress, and make any adjustments to your plan.

Option to upgrade to Apotheo nutrition software for an additional 12$/month

With this program, you receive:

  • One 30 minute onboarding zoom call with a nutrition coach to discuss your current macro and calorie intake, make any adjustments, and talk over your needs and goals.
  • A customizable progress tracker created in google sheets that can track your daily:
    • Calories and macronutrients
    • Intake of fruits and vegetables
    • Sleep
    • Stress
    • Hunger
    • Energy
    • Workouts
    • Menstrual cycle (for people with uteruses)
    • Weight (daily/weekly average)
    • Physical measurements (bi-weekly)
    • Progress pictures (monthly)
  • Option to upgrade to Apotheo nutrition software for an additional 12$/month (discussed during onboarding)
  • One 30 minute zoom check-in each month with a nutrition coach to ask questions, review your metrics and progress in your progress tracker, make adjustments to your plan, and more.
  • Bi-weekly email communication.
  • Access to the Pallas Nutrition Resources on the Arketa network, including two, one hour long webinars led by Coach Megan on food and meal planning and preparation and determining your base calorie and macronutrient needs.
  • The Pallas Nutrition Macronutrient Calculator, which allows you to adjust your calories and macros based on body composition goals (fat loss, maintenance, and muscle gain).


This program IS for you if you:

  • Want to take the guesswork out of your nutrition.
  • Want guidance and oversight from a nutrition coach.
  • Find yourself asking if what you’re doing with your diet is right for you.
  • Want to learn from an experienced nutrition coach.
  • Are self-accountable.
  • Have established base nutrition habits and skills and have a foundation of knowledge around nutrition.
  • Can find recipes, menu plan, food and meal prep, and build well-balanced meals on your own.
  • Can track macronutrients and calories and come close to targets.
  • May have worked with a 1:1 nutrition coach in the past (not a requirement).


This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Want a nutrition coach to review your food journal or diary and want feedback on your food choices.
  • Need weekly communication, support, and accountability from a coach.
  • Don’t know how to build well-balanced meals, menu or food plan in advance, and can’t find recipes on your own.
  • Don’t know how to track macronutrients or calories.
  • Don’t have a basic understanding of nutritional periodization (maintenance, calorie deficit for fat loss, calorie surplus for muscle gain).
  • Need in-depth support with sport performance nutrition and peri-workout nutrition.
  • Cannot meet your calorie and macronutrient targets ~80% of the time (5-6 out of 7 days per week).
  • Have a current eating disorder or medical condition that requires dietary interventions.

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