Perinatal Training & Nutrition Webinars


Nutrition and training will look different during pregnancy. Your body has different requirements to stay healthy and active in order to support you and your growing baby. Throughout three webinars, our experts will provide you with the most up to date guidance on nutrition and training during the perinatal period.

Read below for the descriptions of each webinar. Each webinar will need to be purchased separately. You can attend the webinar(s) separately or together based on if you are pregnant or in the postpartum period.

Make sure to check your email after purchase for course details. You will have access to the recordings if you are unable to attend the live webinars.

Pregnancy Webinar

Nutrition: Congratulations! You are expecting a tiny human, but do you know what to expect as your pregnancy progresses and how your nutrition needs will change? During this webinar we will cover macronutrient and micronutrient needs throughout your pregnancy, including how to support your continuing activity and training. We will explore the recommendations for gaining weight and the dangers of dieting during pregnancy. And finally, we will discuss foods and snack ideas that can help you meet your prenatal nutrition needs.

Training: During this webinar, you will learn the rationale behind some pregnancy modifications as you progress through the three trimesters. We will cover how training affects the pelvic floor and core, and how you can reduce your risk for injury while you continue to train throughout your pregnancy. We will also discuss the mindset and goals of training during pregnancy to set you up for long term health. Learn the most updated guidance so you feel confident to continue training.

Early Postpartum Webinar

Training: Want to know what the “6-week I am cleared for exercise” really means? Do I really need to wait until 6 weeks to incorporate movement? Then this webinar is for you. Learn the importance of re-establishing your core and pelvic floor before progressing back to sport to reduce risk of injury and long term implications on pelvic health. We will cover the most up to date evidence on return to running postpartum and the rationale behind the timeline. You will also be provided with resources on how to get local support if you are experiencing symptoms postpartum that warrant further evaluation.

Nutrition for Lactation: Learn how your nutrition needs change from pregnancy to the early postpartum period (months 1 – 6 following birth) to support lactation. We will cover nutrition needs to support lactation, how to tell if you are keeping up with baby’s needs, postpartum weight loss, and how to navigate possible challenges and concerns such as how to time feeding baby, pumping and storing breast milk, and how to avoid a decrease in milk supply.

Late Postpartum Webinar

Training: Training in the early postpartum period will look different compared to training 6 months postpartum.  If you are past the 4th trimester, then this webinar is for you. You have done the foundational work, but now feel like there is a gap between that and your more complex movements. Learn how to get back to olympic lifting, gymnastics, and dynamic sports while having realistic expectations and goals. Understand how sleep, stress, and nutrition will affect your training goals and how to modify appropriately.

Nutrition: During this webinar we will look how nutrition recommendations change for after 6 month postpartum period for lactating athletes. We will cover macronutrient and micronutrient needs, milk supply changes, postpartum weight loss, how to make sure you are meeting baby’s needs, and suggestions for timing pumping/nursing/feeding a baby and running on a treadmill or stroller.

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